All info about the 1st Bungee Center in Italy:

All info about the 1st Bungee Center in Italy: since 1994, bungee jumping from the 152 meters Colossus bridge in Veglio-Mosso (Biella). Born as an ancient ritual of initiation.. is amusement, thrill and lifetime emotion!

In 1990, canoeing the Ardeche river in France, I met a Guide. Telling me about curious things that happened to see throughout his life, he told me that three years before, he saw a 2CV engine "flying" from the Verdon bridge... 1993, still in France, I realized it was really true! A French climber and a "mad" New Zealander had built the first jumping cord.

The Bungee Jump was born! Since then, more than a million of people all over the Planet have tried this sensational feeling of being naturally attracted by the force of gravity.

Today the bungee know-how and safety has considerably improved, but the Bungee spirit is still the same... an authentic rational madness!