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The first Bungee Jumping from bridge in Croatia.
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For Bungee Ready
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Bungee is open from

10.7.2021. – 31.8.2021.

Things you need to know!

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Welcome to our bungee site...
Challenge gravity,

Overthrow fear,
Live on the edge,

... and Juuummp from the Bridge!

The last steps
before the jump
is the moment
when freedom feels
the closest it could...

Georgios Ampatzidis, Greece

  • BUNGEE FROM SIBENIK BRIDGE“ a term that quickens the pulse and stirs the imagination, refers to the challenge and excitement of throwing yourself off a bridge high above the Adriatic see attached by a rubber band.
  • For jumpers, the challenge is to overcome their fears and be able to say, "Yes I did it!" Bungee jumping gives a person the opportunity to overcome their inner fears and gives them a massive dose of adrenaline. Come stand on the edge and face your fear in what is for many one of the greatest personal challenges of their life.
  • Nevena jumped .
  • Nevena before jump.
  • Diva Dona after bungee
  • Nevena jumped 2004.
  • Pop star Dvina
  • Miss Frank .

Latest Video Reports

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  • Worlds oldest bungee jumper is 96 years young.
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Main Tabs Image Ask the OUR BUNGEE SHRINK VILIJAMOVKA >> Contact . Please be free to contact me if you have any questions, doubts, hallucinations or other psychiatric and behavioral BUNGEE symptoms.

JaadrankaYour assessment has indicated that you are a true original. When they made you, they broke the mold. Mostly because there was a certain fear that someone would end up cloning an army of you’s. In any case, you’re the genuine article; innovative, fresh and inventive. You’re also a world-class ‘social butterfly’, known for wet nights and wild days… you’re constantly in search of new stimulation and novel ways to approach any situation. Boy do we have a bungee for you.

Main Tabs Image Fears are like annoying relatives. You can't avoid them forever, and ignoring them won't make them go away. Come Thanksgiving, they'll plop down right next to you and ask to borrow your fork. So you'd better figure out how to confront the little devils before they eat your dessert too.

Here are a few fun ideas for how to tell your fears to hit the bricks. Fear has a purpose. It helps keep us safe. For many people though, the power of fear keeps us from improving our lives. Facing your fears is essential to living the full life. [more>>]


Bungee Facts

No previous experience is necessary to take part in any of the activities. Take good mood (and some money) with you.


People often ask me: Can I do it?

My answer is: For God's sake, I don’t know, I am a bungee shrink, not a psychic! But I have a tip! If you are interested for the best adrenalin rush you could possibly imagine and see if you are crazy enough, join us for a bungee jump experience from Sibenik Bridge! With a bridge height of 40 meters, you will have the opportunity to take a leap of faith!

Don't celebrate your success before it happens - you can't count those chickens before they hatch. But if you decide to visit us, we are warning you: You will do it, You will enjoy and You'll probably want to do it again!

Throw a friend from the bridge

And she will be forever thankful (long, long time...).

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96 Years Old Jumper

WORLDS OLDEST BUNGY JUMPER is 96 years young Mr. Mohr Keet.
On 6 April 2010 he successfully completed his fourth bungee jump. RESPECT! Check the The VIDEO OF HIS LATEST BUNGY
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Funny Bungee Video

Some lads from South Africa have come up with a funny YouTube video using bungy jumping to poke fun...
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Youngest bungee jumper

Youngest bungee jumper
Our youngest jumper, Alice was 11 years old when she jumped at the Sibenik Bridge. She and her parents were very proud. The picture shows one of the youngest jumpers with his father and our operator Zoky....
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