Face your Fears

Main Tabs Image Fears are like annoying relatives. You can't avoid them forever, and ignoring them won't make them go away. Come Thanksgiving, they'll plop down right next to you and ask to borrow your fork. So you'd better figure out how to confront the little devils before they eat your dessert too.

Here are a few fun ideas for how to tell your fears to hit the bricks. Fear has a purpose. It helps keep us safe. For many people though, the power of fear keeps us from improving our lives. Facing your fears is essential to living the full life. [more>>]

Pinpointing your fears

Being afraid is a pretty intense emotion. To understand how to defeat your fears, you must understand its motivation.

What do you have to lose? Bungee is a personal adrenalin challenge like no other and it's an awesome experience! In our ten years of experience we are covered by „Generali osiguranje“ insurance and we are proud to have a 100% safety record. If you are healthy, the worst that could happen is that you love it too much or that you close your eyes and miss the visual experience.

WARNING: The following conditions may preclude you from jumping: pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, neurological disorders, epilepsy, acute or chronic knee or back injuries, osteoporosis and any skeletal conditions.

What do I have to win? If you really want to feel this experience you know the answer. If you know the answer then it makes sense to think about facing the fear. If fear paralyzes your ability to make decisions, visit us and then decide. People jump for all sorts of reasons, to be able to say I DID IT, to wear the shirt or to impress the babes. All noble reasons, but the best reason to jump is still to face your fears, to do battle with your mind . . .