From the appearance of bungee jumping, hunger of audience is not fading. That is understandable, because bungee is still pretty rare thing. Therefore advertising possibilities that this project is offering are extremely attractive and various.

Check >>>Consulting and Advertising (PDF)

We can offer you advertising area on our bungee site Šibenik bridge like no Croatian firm can. During 30 days of work, only, in season 2000. , more than 15 000 people haw seen bungee jumping – one TV show, three TV reports, six articles in newspapers, cca. ten radio shows all over the Croatia .

An sd on the platform Ads on our booth Focused Audience An ad on the Bridge

The advertisement of your firm can be performed in various ways. Here are some of them:

  • banner on the bridge 35x3,7m dimensions
  • flags on the Adriatic highway on the both sides of the bridge
  • our traffic banners on the Adriatic highway
  • tent cover on the reception desk
  • on the uniforms of the bungee crew
  • on diploma
  • on T-shirts and hats
  • on these web pages

Also, we can offer you a few free jumps which can be used in advertising (parties, lottery, etc.).