Bungee equipment

Bungee  opremaOperator. The most important equipment in bungee jumping is the operator. If or when you decide to jump, high-tech hardware isn't much if the operator is unreliable, unsure and unprofessional. Off course there has to be fooling around on the site - after all bungee jumping is nothing but a big party (fun) - but on the platform, before the very jump, it is really necessary to have professional approach for the safe jump.

The bungee equipment is contented of numerous components. All the components are extremely safe and firm (manifoldly “predimensioned”) and connection system (link system) is performed (accomplished) precisely, in details.

Safety factor 19. Our link system is achieved with safety factor 19, meaning it is firmer than the biggest possible burden (load) 19 times. Link system contains 8 carabiners – snap rings (each has 2.4 tones = 2400 kg = 377.76 Stones of carrying capacity), a few feet of climbing cord and a few trifles which are business secret.

The bungee cord is made of a few thousand strings which are made of natural latex. Every cord has to pass extreme tests in the factory and is delivered to us with approbation for 500 jumps. Because the cord is passing a natural process of ageing, no matter how many jumps has cord performed, it has to be destroyed and replaced with the new one for the new season.

3 x 7.2 tones. During the jump, the jumper is tied up in three points of 7.2 tones = 7200 kg = 1133.28 Stones total carrying capacity.

Professional == great fun. All this data are pointing that the only danger in bungee jumping is the operator. Professional approach to the equipment and elimination of the human factor (equipment checking manifoldly before jump), make bungee jumping what it really is – GREAT FUN!!!