History of Bungee Jumping Site Šibenik


Bungee jumping surfaced in Croatia in the 90's when the first bungee site was opened in Porec where jumping was done from the 30-meter high crane. At that time, protagonists of this story were still in high school. Throughout the next decade, Vilson Široka, Bruno Motik and Krešimir Hlede started practicing free climbing, parachuting, rafting and similar "nonsense" that their mothers did not approve. Sometime in early 1999, an idea was born to start a bungee site on the Sibenik bridge.


To be completely honest, the idea was "borrowed" from the former Vilson’s and Krešimir’s boss for whom those two worked as rafting skippers. For the next ten months they have explored and studied, and finally decided to materialize the idea. The project was started in late 1999.


The first investors were, of course, the parents who have borrowed money through tears, saying: "This money we will never see again." As with any project that's worth, they soon ran out of money and were left with only one reasonable solution: Kresimir borrowed money from his grandmother. As in all good stories, there were many good and helpful people that should be mentioned here. On the way from Zagreb to Sibenik, in the cramped van, that July morning were Vilson Široka, Krešimir Hlede and Ivan Kusalić, a friend from school days who contributed with an electrical drill that was later used to drill the holes in the bridge. Ivan was of great help and that is how he ended up on that iconic picture by the wan, taken in Krešimir’s back yard, two minutes before first departure towards Šibenik. All of this would have not happened without Job Zlatko who, when he heard the idea, just threw the keys to the legendary MB 100 van and said, "Guys, return the van when you're finished."


Drilling of the bridge, to put it mildly, did not go according to plan. The rest of the equipment followed with even more problems. Fortunately, good people are not in short supply. While the protagonists of this story helplessly stood on the bridge because they had no electricity for drill, without any true reason beside curiosity, Ante and Dario Šupe, father and son, stopped by. Both being electricians and some of the most hard working people on the planet. They offered to help and the next morning Ante showed up with a large HILTI drill and worked for a better part of the day to drill holes on the bridge. There is no need to mentioned that this encounter resulted in a lifelong friendship.


Prvi skok, Vilson Široka, Krešimir Hlede After that, testing was performed (meaning bags filled with stones were thrown from the bridge) and only when 22,00 kn remained in our budget, Vilson decided that he would jump if he we find him a helmet. Scooter helmet was borrowed from a good friend Frane Gončin and on 28.07.2000. Vilson Široka was the first soul who flew from the bridge. To the satisfaction of all of us, he is still alive and can offer you an experience which many say is better than sex. But do not believe us, judge for yourself.Cure, Krešimir Hlede, Bungee